PTE Academic Online

Prove your English skills when you can't reach a test center

PTE Academic Online is our new, at-home version of PTE Academic, for when you can’t reach a test center.

With PTE Academic Online, you can take your test at home, in an office, or wherever you have a quiet, private space. PTE Academic Online uses the exact same test content, scoring and format as PTE Academic in a test center.

Note: PTE Academic Online is not currently accepted for visa applications. Please check the full list of institutions that accept PTE Academic Online before booking your exam.

What can I expect from an at-home English test?

The same PTE Academic test

You'll see the same content and questions as you would in a test center

Easy setup

Simply download the test software, sign in, and you’re ready to take your test

Same fast results

Results typically available within just 48 hours

The same PTE Academic test

You'll see the same content and questions as you would in a test center

Accepted by more institutions every day

Hundreds of academic institutions worldwide already accept PTE Academic Online for admissions, and more are choosing to recognize the test every day. Find out if your preferred institutions recognize PTE Academic Online.

Is PTE Academic Online the right choice for me?

PTE Academic Online is suitable for study applications and can be taken in most countries worldwide.*

While taking PTE Academic in a test center is still the best option in most cases, PTE Academic Online is a great alternative when:

  • test centers are closed 

  • there is no PTE test center in your region or country

  • you cannot easily access a test center 

  • you have an additional requirement that is better supported by an at-home test (e.g., a mobility restriction or visual impairment) 

* The test is only suitable for study applications to institutions that recognize PTE Academic Online. It is not currently accepted for visa purposes.

How do I prepare for PTE Academic Online?

Preparing for content of the PTE Academic test is the same whether you’re sitting the test at home or in a test center. Explore our preparation resources.

To familiarize yourself with the online test experience, we recommend exploring our PTE Academic Online test taker handbook and our help center.

What to expect on test day

Find out how to get set up, how to check in to your test, and what to expect during your test experience.

* This video refers to PTE Academic Online, which has the same set-up as PTE Academic UKVI Online.

What set-up do I need to take my test at home?

  • A Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer

  • A good internet connection

  • A wired headset with a microphone

  • A quiet, private location for the duration of the test 

Before booking, read the list of system requirements. Then run the system check to confirm that your equipment is working correctly, and your connection meets the minimum requirements.

Ready to book?

✓ Checked that you are eligible? 

✓ Confirmed that your institution accepts PTE Academic Online?  

✓ Confirmed that you have a wired headset with an overhead band and boom microphone?

✓ Confirmed that you are able to take the test in a quiet space with no echo?

✓ Completed your system check? Then you are ready to book your test!